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Hello and welcome to, my name is Jen Vrilakas. I am a licensed esthetician specializing in waxing services. I created this website as an introduction to me and the services I provide. Hopefully I can answer a few questions you may have about waxing and ease your fears. In experienced hands a Brazilian is a quick, over before you know it 20 minutes out of your day. In less experienced hands well… that’s the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

We have all heard the horror stories of waxing services gone horribly awry, inexperienced hands and embarrassing positions. Unsanitary equipment ripped skin, bruising, spotty hair removal and flaky technicians who are always running late.  Or worse yet, canceling your appointment at the last minute! What’s a girl to do?

Time to see a true professional!  Experience matters. C’mon! These are your most delicate parts we are talking about here.  You shouldn’t trust this job to just anyone. I have been a licensed Esthetician since 1998, specializing in Brazilian bikini waxing from the very beginning of my career - even before Sex and the City and Cosmo made the Brazilian a house hold name. Yes, even your Grandma knows what a Brazilian wax is now.

I owe thanks to many a brazen friends who were willing to bare all (literally!), grip the table and let me work it out until I got it right. And got it right I did. Ten years and many (so many) bikini’s later, have resulted in a super efficient, no hair anywhere Brazilian in under 20 minutes. Heck, ten minutes on a good day if the planets are aligned and I have had my coffee.

To top it all off, I am a true professional. Always on time, never flaky and I take sanitation very seriously!! Would you want the wax sticks from my other clients double dipped into the same pot of wax I am using on you? Thought not. On that delightful note… Call me today to set up your appointment. Isn’t it time you had a real Brazilian by a real professional?

Bliss Studio 812 Lincoln Way Auburn CA

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